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Cuadros from Pamplona Alta - Pictures by Women of Peru

Picturing Paradise – Cuadros from Peruvian Women as Visions of Hope

Stitching Stories of Miracles and Memories: Cuadros from Pamplona Alta


Cuadros from Pamplona Alta - Pictures by Women of Peru presents hand embroidered and appliquéd textile pictures of the challenging life and traditions of women in Peru. The fabric wall hangings show marketplaces and women’s groups, harvests and religious stories, all interpreted through the imagination and skill of women living in a shantytown on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. The exhibition consists of 70 cuadros of varying sizes (the largest is about five feet square); photographs of Pamplona Alta and of the women who make cuadros.

Since 1989 the exhibition Cuadros from Pamplona Alta: Textile Pictures by Women of Peru has been shown in over 40 venues, including the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and the Textile Museum in Toronto, Ontario. For examples of work, see artists from Peru. An interpretive brochure accompanies this exhibition.

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